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Why Do Buyers Hold On To Their Past Purchase Experience?

and how to re-engage with such buyers.

Buyers are as human as you and me.

And humans are known to go through emotions, good and bad.

There is a saying that, people always remember the experiences you put them through.

When a Sales Professional is selling a product or service, he/she is taking the prospective buyer with an experience.

This experience includes the way the Salesperson handles the problem that prospect is facing, the solution that he/she recommends and finally the way deal is closed and the delivery is made.

If any of these phases of the sales cycle is not satisfactory to the buyer, they feel they have not been treated well and hence they may hold onto it and decide not to do any more business with the company.

Also if there is post-sales support that needs to be provides and the seller fails to meet the expectation then the Buyer wont be happy and feel cheated.

They get so pissed off that they decide to black list the company and not to do any kind of business with them in future.

And some may remember this experience for longer than expected.

So what is the solution? Should we let go of such Buyers?

Absolutely not.

If you handling a large team of Salespeople and if for some reason that individual is no more with the company who caused all this, then you got to handle it yourself. You being the Sales Manager.

How to go about it?

First accept that the blunder has happened. As you have to give the benefit of doubt to the Buyer. Unless you have these case history documented in Pipedrive or any other CRM tool. If there is history of the account then you have a context to what might have happened and where could have misunderstanding crept in. If you have that practice then good for you. If not, then accept it and say so.

Second,share the client list that you have and their testimonials so that they believe that it was one such bad case and that your company is not so unprofessional as they think.

Third, ask them, how best can this experience be turned into a good one, in the context of the product/service that you offer? What additional phase in the sales cycle can help win the trust back?

While these steps sound easy, you need to be very authentic and show care in your communication with the hurt Buyer, else they can see through you.

If any of you are facing this experience, reach out to us and we can share some more ideas with you.

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