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5 Simple tips to have Engaging Surveys

Updated: May 31, 2021

Our marketing team uses Surveys extensively whenever we need to get the market feedback.

One of our recent surveys was for our Academy that offers online coaching in Marketing as well as Sales.

One of the Survey respondents requested us to share our best practices.

And we thought of writing a blog on it so that it helps others too who are looking for some smart tips.

Here are the 5 tips that we suggest you follow to get the most of your surveys:

Clarity Regarding The Audience

It is very important to be clear on whose opinion are you seeking through the survey. In our case, working professionals and entrepreneurs are the audience. We are always looking for ways to serve them better.

Clarity Regarding The Purpose Of The Survey

It is essential that your audience knows the purpose of the survey, so that they are assured that the information that they share is not misused. If you are running a survey about a product then please say so.

Asking Sensitive Information

If your survey involves gathering sensitive information such as relationship status, income etc, then take permission by stating the reason for asking such a question and also share as to how will that information be used. Assure them that the information provided will be analysed and the report will be an aggregate of the responses for benchmarking purpose.

Have a Logical Flow of Question

While designing the survey, try and have questions framed and ordered in a logical manner. If you include questions not relevant to the survey, it may annoy the responders and they may not complete it at. You will loose out on a valuable vote!

Incentivise Your Survey

Always reciprocate with a gift, as that will motivate them to complete the Survey. Need ideas on how to incentivise, watch this space for an article that shares ideas to incentivise your survey responders.

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