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How Do I Get Past The Gatekeeper?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

and connect with the right decision-maker...

Does this sound familiar?

You bet it does. If you are in the B2B business and you are working towards building your sales pipeline then this is something that you must be really familiar with.

As if building the list wasn't tough, getting past the Gatekeepers is tougher is what I feel.

Who are these Gatekeepers?

Especially those who are new to prospecting, Gatekeepers are people who are receptionists, or the individuals who screen calls before connecting them to the right/desired prospect.

These are humans like most of us, with the only difference that they receive calls throughout the day and have the responsibility of letting only the relevant ones pass through.

So the next question is - why do they refuse to connect or even worse wont let your call connect to the desired person?

Well, understand this. They are doing their job. In the limited call time that they have to ask the right questions to determine whether the caller is genuine and not a spammer , find out who could be the right person to connect to and then actually connect.

Once you understand this, you will not detest them anymore.

In fact, you will work around it.

In order to do that, you need to first ask this question -

Why are you trying to call this Business or Organization?

It is for:

  • Setting up an appointment with the relevant decision-maker.

  • To gather sufficient information with regard to the area of your interest and business such as whether they already have a vendor etc

  • To engage and connect with the decision-maker

  • Finally to build familiarity

While each one of the above is very important, before you get connected to the right person, you will have to first connect with the Gatekeeper and build familiarity with them.

Ask me why?

This is so that, every time you make a call to this business, Gatekeeper lets your call through.

Now, you may ask how does one establish this connection and familiarity with the Gatekeeper?

Do you really want to learn this skill of connecting with Gatekeepers and building a relationship of mutual respect so that you are not seen as someone who is annoyingly persistent but rather as a subject matter expert trying to help their business?

If yes, then click on this link to download this free eBook that shares tips on How to get past the Gatekeeper without getting blocked.

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