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How This One Tool Saved Us During The Lockdown

and we are eternally grateful we found this. Here is how...

As though 2020 was not enough, 2021 is also trending towards that..

With all of us facing lockdown, and having a very short window to step out and fetch things of absolute necessity, meeting prospects in-person was totally out of the question.

Any number of emails or calls for follow up was not helping.

It was at this time of crisis, we found this tool and it was amazing.

And I wish to share our personal experience and how we leveraged some of the features of this tool that helped us stay in business, all through last year and this year too.

Actually it is at these times that I feel Technology is a blessing.

Especially Technology as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product.

You have the advantage of signing up to such a service anytime.

And the best part is some of them offer a free trial period.

So no pressure.

As I shared in my other blogs, We "Sales Extended" as a company offer Sales and Marketing services to businesses who need help with Sales Qualified Leads(SQL) and not just Market Qualified Leads(MQL).

What’s the difference?

Market Qualified Leads are qualified based on the Needs whereas Sales Qualified Leads are qualified based on Needs as well as the Budget, else the Sales Team ends up chasing leads, who do not buy as they have no Budget.

This is a colossal waste of time!

With that explained, there are two activities that our day revolves around -

List Building- this involves building a list of emails, phone numbers and all other relevant details.

Prospecting - Reaching out to contacts from the List and qualifying them. If qualified, scheduling a remote/virtual meeting with them.

It is for this “Prospecting” activity that we use this amazing tool called DEMIO.

Demio helped us schedule those meetings and helped us stay in the game and we could serve our client without any interruption in our service.

Due to lockdown, we could not visit our prospects in-person. With Demio we could conduct those sessions that was as effective as in-person meetings.

You may ask us - Why Demio?

There are so many tools out there. Why this one specifically?

You are right. There are quite a few.

I will tell you the convenience Demio offered us.

Reason #1 - Demio is simple and easy to use.

The learning curve is short.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to get it up and running.

I have few clients who are completely from a non-technical background and they also could use this tool with ease.

Reason #2 - Demio does not overwhelm you with a zillion features.

There are few features and they are essential.

That's it.

Reason #3 - Demio is nominally priced.

We have budgeted this tool as one of our business expenses.

Last but not the least, you have a FREE trial period too.

If you are skeptical about whether you will be able to use the tool, then use this period to get familiar.

We liked it so much that we upgraded it within a day, because the trial version has a limitation of 1 hour duration for each webinar session and our webinars usually go beyond that because of the Q&A sessions.

If you feel, your webinars too have elaborate Q&A sessions, I suggest you upgrade.

Here is the link to try Demio For FREE.

Photo Credit: Photo by from Pexels

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