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What are you measuring?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Sales and Lead Generation is a numbers game.

In order to know the effectiveness of your lead generation system you have got to track the following - The number of calls made, number of meetings confirmed , number of followups per day. This is an activity that has to be done everyday in order to know that what is the success rate of calls to meeting appointments.

The best way to track this is to use tools. There are many tools available today.

We at SalesExtended use pipedrive to track the above mentioned metrics.


As our lead generation team started tracking the above metrics, we got lot of clarity regarding the area where our team was lagging and needed assistance. Once we got that clarity we took appropriate measures to improve the communication skills of the team.

Within days we started noticing the progress.

If you are facing similar challenges, write to us at infoATsalesextendedDotCom and we will be more than happy to share the steps we adopted.

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