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Why You Need To Build Trust and Like-ability With Your Prospect?

Updated: Jan 28

even before you ask for a meeting....

Since morning I have had 11 rejections from the calls that I have made to my prospects.

What do you think it has done to me?

Yes there are few emotions dwelling inside me that is no different from what others face when they hear a NO.

Feeling of self doubt, anger, frustrations and the works.

You may say, we all have been there.

That begs me to ask you another question.

What if those leads had come from running paid ads on one of the social media platforms?

In other words, each lead had cost me a decent amount of money (simple math - amount spent/ leads generated).

As if that were not enough, I had spent lot of effort -

  • Interesting Hook in the form of a Question

  • Crafted an ad copy that had the elements of curiosity to read further

  • lastly it also covered all the challenges that one could relate to

When I sat to analyse with my team, as to

  • What went well?

  • What did not go well?

  • What can I improve?

I realised,

  • What went well was - the Ad copy was good. As people had clicked and provided information.

  • What did not go well - People were not willing to complete the 2-step process. Step 1 being providing information, and Step 2 being signing up for paid webinar.

You may be jumping to ask me why paid webinars?

Well, I wanted professionals who take learning seriously and not just window shoppers.

Coming to the last question - What can improve?

This is where most of the learning is.

Buying is an emotional decision and people buy only if they like and trust you.

And in order to like and trust someone, you need to build familiarity.

While they had seen my ad, liked my ad copy and the content etc... I have perhaps not built that kind of familiarity with them.

Those of you who are going through the same experience as me, I am sure are very eager to know how I plan to build familiarity with prospects.

What actions one has to take in order to build that trust?

How to make yourself likeable?

How much time do we need to spend to see this fructify?

Be patient. I have answers to each one of your questions.

Here is a simple exercise.

When was the last time you bought something for yourself?

For example , a book, a dress or anything that you wanted badly.

Now, did you just decide to buy that article or someone kept showing that article to you time and again.

In all probability it was the latter.

You frequently saw that article - either on TV, Newspaper, friends flashing it and so on.

In other words, the seller built familiarity by showing that article to you often.

Next, comes trust.

Seller showed all those people wearing, or using that article and looking happy and satisfied.

This helped build that trust that when so many people have liked and bought, it means that it is really good.

And that did the magic.

You were already sold in your heart.

All that was left was justifying to yourself that you need that article and you need it now.

And that wasn't too difficult as you were already sold to the idea of owning it.

Apply the same while you are prospecting.

Build Familiarity.

What according to you will help your prospect to like and trust your product/service?

If you were to be given, 3 minute slot on TV, how would you promote it?

Once you have these answers, start creating content(Blogs, Videos, Podcasts…) and share it with your prospect.

You have to do this enough times till your content gains traction.

There are tools that you can use to do this.

What do I use?

I use Convertkit to share my content on a regular basis with my prospects.

Convertkit’s email sequences are very powerful and effective in nurturing your prospects.

And the best part is - You have 15 days of FREE Trial available.Check it out.

If you want to learn more about how to do this, drop a note in the comments section and someone from my team will reach out to you.

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