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Feedbacks Were Never So Interesting....

really, do you believe that....

Q1: How many of you find sharing Feedback an excruciating task?

Most of you, I guess.

Q2: And How many of you hate asking for Feedback ?

Again more than 80% of you.

Don't get me wrong as I do not exclude myself from those lists.

Studies say that, when we are upset or dissatisfied as customers we are more eager to share our Feedback whereas when we are Happy or Satisfied with a product or service, we have the tendency to be quiet about it ,as though it is our right for having paid for it.

Nothing wrong with that. We are humans and we are wired in a certain way.

As Tony Robbins says "What is wrong is always available"

As a company, we offer Sales as well as Marketing services for businesses.

And I was very eager to find this particular aspect of Human Psyche.

So I did a small survey.

Guess what, I was amazed by the response that I got.

Most people do not share feedback because -

Reason #1 : They find those feedback forms Boring and Lifeless.

It just does not motivate them to fill those.

Reason #2 : Most forms expect long form responses.

Not everyone has the time or patience to provide long form responses, as a result they decide to ignore it.

Reason #3 : Some felt when there has been an innovation in everything why are feedback forms so dated!

Well not any more.

I love exploring new tools to increase productivity and efficiency of our team and clients.

I found one tool that was just mind blowing.

I loved the way this tool has made not only sharing feedback but creating a feedback form also interesting (should answer Q2).

This tool is Typeform.

It helps design some of the best feedback forms and/or surveys and my clients have called me personally to find out more about it.

I have got over 95% response rate for my Feedback forms.

And I know it is just because-

It is Simple and Easy to use.

It provides templates that can be easily customised.

The Survey Results and the Analytics generated by the tool will make you love this tool more.

Here is what I have done for you.

I have created a very short course on how to use Typeform for your business.

I am giving it FREE and I want you all to get better at what you are good at. I want you to, get creative with your Feedback forms, capture what your customers are trying to say about your product/service and provide an amazing service to your clients.

Click here to get FREE access to this course. Enjoy!

Please do leave a comment as to how did you use this tool for you business.

I would look forward to reading that!

Photo credit : Photo by Ann H from Pexels

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