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Trainings Became 10X Effective Because..

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Of Teachable, a tool must for any business with a Team.

We at Sales Extended, have a Services as well as the Training department.

Every person who is recruited into the company, has to go through Orientation.

Our Company Orientation Program includes a Two-Day Training so that the new recruits learn and adopt themselves to the way we do

  • List Building,

  • Prospecting,

  • Pitching ,

  • Presentations,

  • Objection Handling and

  • Deal Closure.

This is essential so that everyone speaks the same language.

It helps us build a culture, which is unique to our company.

With that said, last year 2020 changed the entire game for us.

Earlier, our trainings were classroom based and the new recruits had to attend the training in person.

Due to the prevailing pandemic situation, in-person training was just not possible.

We had to quickly move to "Remote Working" model and observe social distancing at large.

This is the time we started exploring a tool that would help us load the training modules, have quizzes, scoring system and one that would also show how regular has the attendee been with the sessions.

As the new recruits are on payroll starting from day 1, training is taken seriously in our company. As their performance is determined by how serious are they during the training.

So no fooling around.

While we were evaluating tools, one that topped our list was Teachable.

And since then, we haven't looked back.

And the reason for going with Teachable was it met over 90% of our requirements.

Our requirements could be enumerated as follows :

Requirement #1 : The User Interface

We liked the way Teachable allows us to build the training curriculum by splitting into various sections and then each section can have videos on various topics.

Requirement #2 : Provision for Notes

Each topic can have Notes attached. This helps the candidate to refer to those notes in a jiffy if he/she does not have the time to watch the entire video.

We use also use Mindmaps extensively so that they get the flow of the content.

Requirement #3: Role Plays

Sales team always keeps facing objections in the field. We need to be creative in handling those objections. Role Play videos help us share the context as well as the Objection handling is shown in form of role plays.

Requirement #4: The Drip Feature

One can proceed to the next lesson only upon completion of the previous one. This is very useful so that candidates do not skip any lesson.

There is an order and one is expected to follow that order.

In summary, if you are a business looking to train your team on upcoming/existing -

  • Products,

  • Services,

  • Policies,

  • Code of conduct

then Teachable is the product for you.

If you are an Entrepreneur who is looking to build a business around

  • Coaching

  • Skill-Based Training

then you certainly should explore Teachable.

Here is the link to sign up on Teachable.

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